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October 22, 2023 7 PM EST


On This Free Live Class, You'll Learn:

  • ​​Walk up to any girl, at any time, in any place - without an ounce of fear and effortlessly create a deep romantic connection.
  • ​"Boring Guy Game" - My introvert-proof method for flirting & building attraction without needing to be super extroverted or "Mr Personality."
  • ​Create "movie-scene" experiences for women that make you unforgettable - ​Learn the secret to smoothly approaching women and creating a "movie scene" feel in the girl's mind.
  • The "Blue Ocean" Approach - Exploit the same 'secret' millionaires use to create 10/10 dating opportunities with model-quality women.
  • Become a top 1% man - Most men have never approached a girl in their life. Being able to do this alone will set you apart from all of the competition and lead to 10x more dates.
  • Become MAGNETIC around women - always know what to say, and what to do - without ever having to think about it.
  • The Flow State Formula – Stop with the gimmicky pickup lines, and learn how to attract wife-quality women by bringing out your true authentic self.

Your Host...

Benjamin Seda


You've probably seen me (or Based Zeus) at some point - since 2016 I've had over 150M+ views on YouTube and built the largest dating channel with over 1M+ subscribers.

I'm a private dating consultant for high-achieving individuals. Over the last 5 years, my clientele has included doctors, lawyers, finance professionals, and 9-figure CEO's. 

I've personally helped thousands of men date their dream-girl by mastering the art of in-person approaching.

What if your soulmate is only 1 approach away?

Think about how many girlfriend-quality women you walk past on a daily basis; the gym, at Starbucks, while you're running errands...

These opportunities leave you in the dust simply because you don’t know the right things to say.

Imagine knowing you could see a beautiful girl on the street and IMMEDIATELY be able to approach her and know exactly what to say to create that "spark."

In my free LIVE class, you'll watch a full uncut breakdown of me approaching a literal model and showing you the blueprint for building an authentic connection.

And the best part? She was taller than me 😂 

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